Dealer Management System Details

the leading Dealer Management System for Independent car dealers

Advanced Car Dealer Manager is considered to be an abolsute necessity to any independent dealership selling cars in Florida. As one of Florida's top leading dealer management systems, it has all the advanced features needed to excel in the car dealer business and has the added benefit of being overly simple to use. No in-depth prior knowledge of Florida dealership regulations or how to do the sales paperwork is required.

The process of selling a car guides you through logical steps and eliminates the need for the dealership.

The DMS offers reports and charts to make it easy for you to understand the details of your business. Accounting reports include profit and loss, deposits received, deal washout. Inventory reports included price list, age of inventory. The system emulates Quickbooks with various accounting features like account reconciliaiton, organizing and categorizing expenses, printing checks. Dealership accountants love the program and appreciate the results and output the program offers.

It accounts for all the various Florida-specific regulations that you must abide by. That means that all the regulations you were taught in dealer training school are already accounted for in our system. This allows you to focus on running your business and not worrying about DMV compliance with paperwork, reports and procedures for your dealership.

The Advanced Car Dealer ManagerŪ software program serves all primary functions for independent car dealers in Florida:



The Advanced Car Dealer Manager DMS is powerful and a necessity for Florida based VI dealers. It will handle your dealership from the initial startup phase to the point when you have hundreds of cars in inventory and sell dozens of cars each month.