About Integrated Dealer Solutions

It's a fun challenge to provide product and service information on a company's corporate website, but it's also difficult to evoke a company's culture through a website. It's common to think that the products on the site and the fancy graphic designs don't necessarily have real people behind them that have built and support them on an ongoing basis.

So, to set the record straight and to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling about our company, here's some information about Integrated Dealer Solutions. We are a group of seasoned individuals with numerous years in the automotive, financing, and technology industries. Our office is in sunny South Florida and we serve state DMV offices, car dealerships, banks, credit unions, and vehicle finance companies throughout the entire United States with DMV compliant software progams and internet applications to the automobile industry. Our customer service is backed by real people located in the United States and we support customers in English and Spanish. Last but not least, we are a pleasure to do business with...and our 10,000+ registered customers attest to that.

Integrated Dealer Solutions has been providing software as a service since 2003 and we are members of:

  • CIADA (Carolinas Independent Automobile Dealers Association)

  • FIADA (Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association)

  • GIADA (Georgia Independent Automobile Dealers Association

  • VIADA (Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association)

  • NIADA (National Independent Automobile Dealers Association)

  • NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association).