Temp Tags FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is participation in the electronic temporary registration program required by Florida regulations?
  • If you are a licensed vehicle dealer located in the State of Florida then it is mandatory that you participate in the Florida ETR temp tag program. Specifically, in accordance with Florida Statute 320.96, effective July 1, 2008, if a dealer issues a temp tag for the sale of a vehicle it must be reported electronically. As of October 1, 2009, temp tags must be printed on all new plates. As of August 1, 2010 metal plates may be transferred within our temp tag program.
How do I register to print temp tags and do metal plate transfers online?
  • Getting started with the service is very easy. If you are a Florida licensed dealer, take 3 minutes to register your dealership and start printing temp tags, temporary registrations, and transferring metal plates online in minutes. The link above will take you to our Florida ETR temp tag signup page.
What type of printer do I need to print temporary tags?
  • Florida ETR's temp tag program will work with virtually any standard laser printer. We do find in some cases that changing the paper setting to "thick paper" in the printer settings results in better tag printing on some printers, but in most cases, printing a temp tag works perfectly out of the box. The best printer we have found for printing temp tags are from the company Brother.
What is the cost for using the Florida ETR temp tag program?
  • Each transaction costs $4. This includes the following: (1) the electronic upload of temp tag registration (or temporary metal plate transfer) information to the DHSMV (2) printing of the temp tag on the special waterproof/weatherproof paper (3) an electronic log of all temp tags and metal plates transferred issued from your business (4) customer service reps are available whenever you need them. There is a cost of $2 per blank temp tag. See next question for info on blank temp tags.
What is the cost for blank temp tags?
  • The cost of blank temporary tag stock is $2 each. A shipping cost of $7.95 is added to all orders. Expedited shipping is available on the temp tag order page. You only need to use a blank tag when printing a temp tag and not when transferring a metal plate.
Where do I order new blank temp tags?
  • Once logged in, you may order new blank temp tags on the My Account>Order Blanks tab. You may also set automatic reorder levels so that we monitor the number of blank tags you have left and we send them to you as you start running low (i.e. "When I have 10 tags left, send me 50.") This proactive approach of monitoring tag inventory helps to ensure that you're never left in the dark with no paper tags at the time of selling a car. Set your reorder level on the My Account > Order Blanks page and we'll ensure that you're never out of tags.
What type of customer service support will I get by using Florida ETR?
  • When you register with Florida ETR for electronic temp tag service, you get local, live, exceptional customer service and support whenever needed. We are available during extended business hours and can be reached at 888-675-7477 and through the support section of the website.
Will a driver's license stop keep me from issuing a temp tag?
  • A driver's license stop will not keep you from issuing a temp tag through the Florida ETR temporary tag service.
Can I print a temp tag for a buyer that lives out of state or in another country?
  • Yes, you can print a temporary tag and provide a temporary registration for buyers that are from other states or live in another country. On step 1, instead of entering the Florida Driver's License you'll enter the customer's last name, first name, and date of birth.
Will a brand on a vehicle keep me from issuing a temp tag?
  • In some cases a brand on a vehicle title will prohibit temp tag issuance. Vehicles with a "rebuildable salvage" title cannot be registered through the system.
Can I issue a 2nd (or 3rd) temp tag to an individual if the title work is not completed in 30 days?
  • Yes, you may issue a 2nd temp tag for the same vehicle to the same registrant after 30 days if the title work has not yet been completed. To issue a 3rd temp tag you'll have to speak directly to your local DMV office or tag agency.
Why is a Florida driver's license or customer name/date-of-birth/sex required?
  • In an effort to avoid duplicate customer identification records in the FLHSMV database, dealers will input their customer information which will then be checked against the FLHSMV database. If a customer identification for that person is found, their information in the FLHSMV system will be used to complete the transaction. If not, a new record will be created. For cases where the customer does not have a Florida driver's license and is not already in the database, basic customer information is required. It might sound complicated, but all this happens on the backend and requires no extra effort on your part.
What if a customer identification is found in the DHSMV database, but the information the customer provided the dealer is different?
  • If the information a dealer has for a customer's address has changed from what is found in the DHSMV's database, the dealer may update the customer's address in the DHSMV database. You will be guided through each step.
What happens if I enter a driver's license number and no record is found?
  • Florida driver licenses are in the DHSMV database. Driver's licenses from states other than Florida and foreign driver licenses will require a new record to be created using the customer's name, date of birth and address. This is self-evident in the program and our easy process of printing temp tags will guide you through each of the steps.
Why do I have to enter all the vehicle information into Florida ETR?
  • If the VIN you entered is already registered with the DHSMV you will not need to input additional vehicle information. However, if the vehicle has not previously been entered in DHSMV database (e.g. an out-of-state title), the Florida ETR temp tag system will require you to provide that information (i.e. year, color, body style, etc.).
I am being asked for my Dealer PIN. Where do I find that?
  • The Dealer PIN is your regular Dealer license PIN that you received from the Florida DMV when you got your license. It is given to you on a thin, white sheet of paper and is 4 digits. If you don't know it, you can contact your local Florida DMV office (or tag agency) for assistance. Tip: If you have ordered temp tags in the past from a tag agency that were written on with black marker (instead of printed through our system), your PIN was required for that transaction.
Why must I enter my PIN number?
  • Entering your PIN number ensures certain levels of security during the DHSMV verification process for each dealer.
Why should I choose Florida ETR as my vendor for temp tag service?
  • There are many reasons why thousands of independent and franchise dealers have chosen to use Florida ETR as their vendor of choice for the Florida DMV electronic temporary registration service. First off, we value each customer and the relationship we have with them. Without you, we wouldn't be here. Our temp tag web-based service is filled with great dealer features and overly simplistic to use for printing temp tags online. We've been rated the easiest-to-use and most user-friendly temp tag printing vendor in Florida.
  • We can help you with more than just temp tags and metal plate transfers.






If you have any questions about the Florida ETR temp tag system kindly write to us or call us. The phone number for Integrated Dealer Solutions and Florida ETR is 1-888-675-7477.